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Lid Support Hinge, Stay Anywhere Soft Closing, 1-Pair

(40 customer reviews)



  • Stay Anywhere – With this lid support, you can hold the cabinet door in any open position and let it slide down gently.
  • Flexible Installation – The largest opening angle can be adjusted at 75¡ã, 90¡ã or 110¡ã by changing the installation position and distance.
  • Adjustable Tightness – Turning the screw at the middle of arm, the tightness of closing can be adjusted according to different weight load (max 40lbs/2pcs).
  • Left & Right Hand Mounting – Each package inlucdes 1 piece for left hand mounting and 1 piece for right hand mounting.
  • Hinges Required – Hinges are premised for the cabinet door before installing the lid support.


*The price is the basic wholesale price, not the final price. It needs to be recalculated according to the purchase quantity and delivery location. Please inquire for specific price.

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Package Includes

  • 2*lid support
  • 1*Allen key
  • 8*screw
  • 1*insallation manual

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40 reviews for Lid Support Hinge, Stay Anywhere Soft Closing, 1-Pair

  1. Kov

    I installed the hold open devices on the toy chest pictured. They worked fine at holding open the cover at 45 degrees to 90 degrees, however below 40 degrees the cover will slam down albeit with less force because of the shorter distance left. No amount of adjustment can compensate for that. They are quite well made and should only be used for a hold open device. Directions are sketchy but with a little trial and error and patience it works.

  2. dnagoodman

    Used these on an old trunk so it wouldnt slam shut and slam fingers. Hing tension is easily tightened and they will hold the lid partially opened of tension is tight. My 4 yr old daughter uses the trunk with no issues.

  3. Malrubha

    Once you figure out how to install these (there are some user made instructions in the Amazon reviews for this item – use them!, they work pretty well. The instructions that come with the set are terribly translated. I would suggest assuming that these hinges will hold about 60% of the weight they state in the product description. They are working for now, but I believe they will wear out fairly quickly with prolonged use, if you go anywhere near their maximum product load.

  4. Blue Beetle

    I bought these to replace my kids toy box hinges. My only complaint is that the hinges are tough to adjust. They seem cheap in the adjusting spectrum. However they ratchet/move smoothly.

  5. Mike Willis

    Bought these to use with a toy box. Wanted something that would hold the lid up and not slam shut when a child pulls it closed. These work great! One is actually enough, however I installed 2 for safety issues. Very pleased with these.

  6. Big Al

    Missing 1 of the 6 (are there 5 or 6?) Small cylindrical pieces Inside one of the supports.

    Be careful if you loosen adjustment screw too much and douper hinge comes apart. There’s no parts list breakdown or internal hinge assembly diagram provided.

    I also needed to install a trim strip inside cabinet for mounting base hinge as the front face frame edge and interior cabinet side wall are not flush.

    Also the measurements are only on the hinge shipping package and are not correct. I installed for 110 degree opening, with top screw on base cabinet at 100ml from pivot point to top screw, and 118ml from pivot point to top screw on cabinet door. You’ll want to dry fit multiple times before you drill & install.

    Now that they’re installed, this it a great product that enabled me to complete conversion of side-opening bridge cabinet doors to top-hinged doors (also required me to separately install new hidden hinges for this project. The alternative was to extensively trim and router the door face.) This project was to get cabinet doors to clear my new refrigerator door hinge covers. Adjusting hinge tension allows each door to stay open, and I only needed 1 hinge for each door (5+ lbs per door).

  7. sue

    Product is a perfect fit to replace hinges in a Roadtrek CS. There are minimal directions and it is a challenge to determine how to install it.

  8. Ed G

    Product arrived on time, no problems. It did not work for my original purpose (a hope chest with a very heavy lid) because, while it did slow the lid’s descent somewhat, it did not prevent it from slamming. After reviewing the description again, I realized this was my mistake — it is not actually designed to slow a lid’s descent as much as it is for helping to keep the lid up (which it did fine). I re-tasked it to use with a light hamper lid and it works great. I especially like that the tension is adjustable.

  9. Gannod

    I installed this for the lid of a window seat. It took me a little while to figure out how to install and use it. The directions listed all of the measurements in mm (but the lack of units on the very small print meant I had to deduce that the units were mm). I had to fumble around with it a bit to finally figure out how it works once installed. So far, however, it seems to work beautifully. I’ll know in a couple of weeks whether it holds up or not.

  10. Joe M

    I used the hinges to support/operate 2 plexiglass windows in a playhouse I built for my granddaughter. I added support to mount the lower hinge base and stress support on the plexiglass. The hinges work great and do the job I needed done. The fit & finish is good and the cost is also reasonable. I would buy these items again.
    The illustrations on the package were hard to decipher. I converted mm to inches and added wood block for lower mount & aluminum support on plexi for upper mount. I made a mock up on scrap wood to see the mechanics of the hinge operation, & followed the 110 deg diagram. Holes were right the first time.

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