Soft Close Drawer Slides VK1245, 1-Pair

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  • √Hydraulic Cylinder – Hydraulic Soft/Self Close feature designed for preventing drawer from slamming shut.
  • √Solid Ball Bearing – Provides silent and friction-free motion when open drawer.
  • √Double Spring Design – Makes it easier to pull back and smoother than single spring when bearing load.
  • √3-Fold Slides – Enable the slides to fully extend.
  • √High Quality Plat – High – tension cold-rolled steel plates, 100,000 times of 100lb push-pull tests without damage.


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Product Overview

VADANIA VK1245 Soft Close Drawer Slides

The three part extension allows for a higher load capacity and smooth movement. Featuring metal ball bearings for a quiet and comfortable closure and a dark discrete color that blends into most drawers. It will close soft and automatically.


  • NAME:VADANIA Soft Close Drawer Slides VK1245
  • MATERIAL: Cold-Rolled (Cold Rolled) Steel
  • MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY: 100lb / 45kg.
  • Width: 1.8in
  • MINI DEPTH OF CABINET: Drawer Length + 0.12in / 3mm
  • SURFACE TREATMENT: Galvanized / Electrophoretic
  • Black SLIDE STYLE: 3 Folds Full Extension, Side Mount, Separable
  • PLATE THICKNESS: Outer Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Middle Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Inner Slider 0.06in(1.5mm)
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Civil Furniture, Office Furniture, Cabinets/Wardrobes, et

1 x Pair of drawer slide
8 x Mount screws

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136 reviews for Soft Close Drawer Slides VK1245, 1-Pair

  1. George

    These are quality items, in my opinion. I did not realize they were available from Amazon until a hardware person at Home Depot could not find a similar item through the company sources and searched Google and found them on Amazon. However, the cross-section doesnt match the hanger that my existing cabinet. Ill return and reorder, now that I realize not all profiles are the same.

  2. Srygley

    I used these to build a horizontally sliding tray for my turntable in my entertainment center. They’re mounted horizontally (which is not what they’re designed for), and work pretty well supporting a shelf and turntable. Don’t glide super smoothly, but they’re mounted flat instead of on the side. Were cheaper on Amazon than at Home Depot, so that was a plus too!

  3. Richard Wand

    I’ve been building my own cabinets for years and have used this style (non soft-closing) of slides for quite awhile now. This was the first time I bought the soft close feature of this style of slide. Since I build box style cabinets using melamine coated particle board, the issues people bring up about weak screws for hardwood aren’t an issue for me. The one thing I noticed is that they do require more force to open than a non-soft close style slide. Why is this? The answer is in the way they create the soft closing. When you close the drawer, the slides stop your force near the end, and they themselves pull the drawer closed the last inch or so. How do they do this? The answer is that when you open the drawer, you are loading springs at the back end of the slides, thus providing them the stored energy to do the work of closing the drawers all by themselves for that last bit of travel. It’s that spring loading energy you provide that makes the drawer seem harder to open when compared to a non-self closing drawer. Once you’ve loaded the springs, an inch or so of initial travel, the drawer slides are as smooth and easy as any non soft-closing slides.

  4. mike nichols

    They fit perfectly and work well

  5. H. Jonathan K. Park

    I bought this to replace the cheap sliders that came with my daughter’s Ikea brand dresser.Now with the soft-close ball bearing drawer slider, the drawers close smoothly and closes softly. So nice!

  6. LD

    Easy install I replaced some tracks that had stopped working after many years, and while these were the same size and install was easy, they do not close the drawer completely as needed. Not worth the trouble to remove and return so am keeping them and just closing the drawer the last quarter inch or so. I will replace eventually with some that work as intended

  7. J.sean

    I didn’t pay attention when I ordered the replacement glides that this was soft close. Great addition. Drawer now moves in and out smoothly.

  8. Judededude

    it took a bit to get it installed on our existing drawer – it replaced one that broke. But once installed it works great ! I would have appreciated some instructions, but otherwise all was good.

  9. Erpilot

    my incompetent cabinet maker couldn’t get slides that allowed our garbage can to slide in and out of its space. These worked flawlessly and the soft close is perfect.

  10. Jan S.

    This, generally speaking, is a nice draw slide. It is well made and easy to install… with one exception: the supplied screws are too small and difficult to use in the confined space of a cabinet. I had to buy my own screws and once I had the correct size, the slide was a breeze to install.

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