Soft Close Drawer Slides VK1245, 1-Pair

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  • √Hydraulic Cylinder – Hydraulic Soft/Self Close feature designed for preventing drawer from slamming shut.
  • √Solid Ball Bearing – Provides silent and friction-free motion when open drawer.
  • √Double Spring Design – Makes it easier to pull back and smoother than single spring when bearing load.
  • √3-Fold Slides – Enable the slides to fully extend.
  • √High Quality Plat – High – tension cold-rolled steel plates, 100,000 times of 100lb push-pull tests without damage.


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Product Overview

VADANIA VK1245 Soft Close Drawer Slides

The three part extension allows for a higher load capacity and smooth movement. Featuring metal ball bearings for a quiet and comfortable closure and a dark discrete color that blends into most drawers. It will close soft and automatically.


  • NAME:VADANIA Soft Close Drawer Slides VK1245
  • MATERIAL: Cold-Rolled (Cold Rolled) Steel
  • MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY: 100lb / 45kg.
  • Width: 1.8in
  • MINI DEPTH OF CABINET: Drawer Length + 0.12in / 3mm
  • SURFACE TREATMENT: Galvanized / Electrophoretic
  • Black SLIDE STYLE: 3 Folds Full Extension, Side Mount, Separable
  • PLATE THICKNESS: Outer Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Middle Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Inner Slider 0.06in(1.5mm)
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Civil Furniture, Office Furniture, Cabinets/Wardrobes, et

1 x Pair of drawer slide
8 x Mount screws

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136 reviews for Soft Close Drawer Slides VK1245, 1-Pair

  1. James Henderson

    I chose to order these for my barn. I do a lot of mechanical work in there, and I also have pack rats since it’s an unsealed building. I’ve had these little (unfortunately, not literally) rodents steal tools, sockets, lug nuts, axle nuts, and more. So I tend to be pretty cautious of what I leave accessible to them when I won’t be out there for long periods of time.
    Nonetheless, due to the nature of how I’m using them, they do get a good bit of weight in them since many tools are large and heavy. As such, these 100lb. capacity slides were a great choice for my purpose!

  2. John Hashimoto

    Perfect product, works beautifully when installed. Hard to do with a retro fit kit, otherwise highly recommend.

  3. Jodi A.

    This is far better quality than the original slides on my file cabinet. It’s not insanely difficult to replace old slides, especially after you’ve already replaced four or five. The worst is if you have to replace the bottom drawer slides. It’s incredibly difficult to access that location. If you’re replacing a bottom drawer, I’d recommend also purchasing some Icy Hot and Alleve to go with it. For all other drawers, it’s pretty easy. Some of the holes in my wooden file cabinet lined up with the ones on the replacement. I started with those screw holes and just added a couple new screws evenly spaced out. It’s a soft close type, and it generally stays closed, unlike the old ones that would slowly reopen themselves.

  4. karl & Caren Jensen

    Used to fix my Husky 42 inch tool box great fix very heavy duty holds my drawer shut with out having to be locked

  5. Randy

    If your cabinet sides are 1/2″ or less, the screws are too long and will penetrate the inside of the drawer.
    Otherwise I am happy, but haven’t started using the drawers yet.

  6. Deven

    Bought to replace a bathroom vanity drawer that broke. These are significant better than the Ones that came in it. Thought for sure I was going to mess up the installation and the door would not close right. Closed right on the first attempt. Five stars all around

  7. Benjamin Richter

    Great product that works well. One pair I installed, the cabinet I built was not quite wide enough and I messed up a couple slides. Contacted the company and they immediately sent out replacements. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  8. Jeff Moon

    This was not my first time installing drawers with drawer slides, but it was my first time installing ones using these soft-close slides. I will say that after some initial struggles, I now understand a little better how to avoid some of those frustrations. It is of course critical to have everything as square as possible, but you cannot be more that a sixteenth of an inch off your measure, or you will need to shim for certain as the soft-close mechanism will not work. You will also have to take your time to determine what exactly needs to be shimmed, i.e., the drawer or the cabinet.

    Compounding the challenge I faced was the fact that I was attempting to install 12 sets of slides for some built-ins I had constructed in my daughter’s room. I also had one slide that the plastic component that locks and unlocks the slide mechanism broke while making adjustments, which resulted in the purchase of an additional set. I recommend that you work out the kinks with some workshop cabinets before you attempt to install these for something a little more refined; you’ll thank me later.

  9. Crystal

    I find these drawer slides to be heavy duty, high quality. The self closure works perfectly. Easy to follow instructions and Seller offers a how to install video as well. Great price for quality slides.

  10. Privacy Act

    I installed these in my kitchen on a very large drawer that holds pots and pans. At first I was worried that the drawer slides wouldn’t be able to handle the load, but they operate flawlessly.

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