Wooden drawer slides VS Metal drawer slides

Drawers are inseparable from the slide rails, especially when you play the cabinet yourself. Some people describe the slide rail as the kidney of the drawer, so wooden drawer slides VS Metal drawer slides which is better? You’ll know after reading it.

When it comes to guide slides, it is a big booster to help us successfully complete the pulling process. However, due to its different materials, in actual application, there are many differences in the volume, dirt resistance, and aesthetics.

Speaking of this, let’s explore and compare in detail, which one of these two guide rails fits our taste buds.

Noise Level

Usually pull and close the drawer, if there is always a sharp noise, it will undoubtedly make myself and my family feel very troublesome. Especially in the quiet hours of the night, I just feel bored. In view of this, it is necessary for us to explain and compare the noise reduction of the two.

. Therefore, such rails made of stainless steel or iron art have poor noise reduction capabilities. Friends who are sensitive to this noise are not recommended to buy them.

A lot of screws, steel balls and other accessories on the metal rail which will inevitably cause these accessories to shake and shake violently, resulting in a lot of noise.

Of course, hardware rails with high-precision damping devices can also have the effect of reducing noise. Using such hardware slide rails will hardly generate additional noise.

In short, most solid wood rails are better than hardware rails in terms of noise reduction.

VADANIA VK1245 Soft Close Drawer Slides have 3 part extension allows for a higher load capacity and smooth movement. Featuring metal ball bearings for a quiet and comfortable closure and a dark discrete color that blends into most drawers. It will close soft and automatically.

Soft Close Drawer slide

Drity resistance

We also need to understand the degree of dirt resistance. After all, a large amount of dust and dirt will accumulate within a few days, which is too time-consuming and laborious to take care of.

The shade of color is closely related to the stain resistance of furniture. Like hardware rails mostly in white, black, and dark brown, even if there is a little dirt on them, they will be exposed after opening. In addition, the guide rails of this kind of material usually have uneven inner and outer layers, and there are many gaps. It is more difficult to wipe and clean.

On the other hand, solid wood materials tend to be similar in color to the cabinets. If fine particles such as dust are not obvious, it is basically difficult to see the dirty phenomenon.

In addition, because the solid wood component guide rails are flat and smooth, cleaning is very convenient and easy.

Therefore, in terms of the degree of dirt resistance, it can be said that the solid wood material completely beats the hardware rail.


To judge the aesthetics of wooden drawer slides VS metal drawer slides, in addition to seeing their own appearance, you should also see whether they are in harmony with the whole.

Regarding the aesthetics of these 2 types of guide rails, it is necessary to put them in different styles of furniture to explain. Like some solid wood rails, matching them in Chinese, Japanese or American traditional style furniture will help them quickly integrate into it and look more coordinated. Rails such as hardware are often well connected with modern minimalist furniture such as Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Generally speaking, the aesthetics between the guide rails should be based on the actual situation.

The pros and cons of Metal drawer slides


Easy to install, suitable for any board, especially thin particle board and density board. It is
Highly practical.


The metal slide rail has a life limit. The drawer is too heavy to open smoothly, and the drawer is deformed and damaged for a long time, and the sliding is not smooth. The metal slide rail is warped and deformed after being used for a long time, jams the rail and scratches the furniture, and cannot be used normally.

If the drawer is too deep, the drawer may tilt or fall off the rails after being fully pulled out, which poses a safety hazard. The actual occupied space is larger than the wooden drawer. Compared with solid wood furniture, some people think it is not high-end. Because the quality is different, the cost is very different, everyone should pay attention to distinguish the good and bad materials when buying.

All Vadania hardware and drawer slides will be inspected regularly, and nearly 100,000 pressure and strength tests will be performed on the drawer guides to ensure the quality and durability of each batch of products.

The pros and cons of Wooden drawer slides


Maintenance-free, there is no life issue. It occupies a small area, fits the cabinet body, and is more beautiful. As you can see in the picture, it is obvious that the wooden slide rail is more upscale.

For solid wood furniture, wooden slides are definitely better than metal slides, high-end and beautiful, and wooden slides are known as ten thousand years rails, and they are becoming more and more popular.


The requirements for the board are high, and the general particle board and density board cannot be used as wooden slide rails. Requires high manual technology. Although the wooden slide rail does not need to purchase additional materials, the grooving and polishing itself is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The newly-made drawer will have unfavorable pull and pull, and it will take some time to adapt to the running-in.

As far as I am concerned, the choice of material for the slide rail depends on what kind of board you use. Wooden slides are beautiful and durable, and metal slides are practical and convenient. You can make judgments based on your actual situation.

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