What are the soft-close drawer slides?

What are the soft-close drawer slides? Rarely do we give a second thought to the way our cabinets and drawers open and close—that is, unless they squeak when they’re in motion and don’t glide on their tracks as easily as they should. The drawers of your furniture should function easily and quietly. This is easy to achieve with high-quality drawer slides, which are both easy to use and install.

What are the soft-close drawer slids? Read on to learn more about how to choose the best drawer slides for your next kitchen or bath DIY project. Soft-close drawer slides have high-quality dampers to prevent the drawers from slamming when you close them. They are also outfitted with springs that help return the drawer gently to the cabinet. Slides that offer full extension are useful because they allow you to easily see and access the contents of the whole drawer.


The slide rails for soft-close drawers are available in side-mounted or bottom-mounted styles. Undermount slides look very elegant because there is no visible hardware on the drawers, they allow the drawers to be slightly wider. The side-mounted soft-closing slide rail is easier to install. The gentle close glide can be partial or full extension.


The self-closing slide rail can prevent the cabinet drawer from hitting, thereby prolonging the service life of the drawer and the smoothness of the cabinet surface. This feature can also minimize the noise of popping drawers. The auto-closing function means that the drawer will always close neatly instead of ajar.

VADANIA soft-close drawer slide is improved on the basis of the above. The double spring system is used to automatically close the slide rail. Even in the case of full load, the double spring can work normally and automatically close the drawer.


The installation cost of self-closing or soft-closing drawer slides is higher. They are features that buyers want and add value to the kitchen.

Some people with arthritis or other joint problems may have a little difficulty using soft-closing drawers because opening them requires some extra effort.

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