Decoration details about improving happiness

For many people, decoration is a very troublesome task, so what details can we use to improve the happiness of decoration? If the board supports the appearance of the furniture, then the hardware is the soul of the furniture. The number of years that cabinets, wardrobes. Whether it can be used for humans under normal conditions of use depends largely on the quality of the hardware. Unlock different versions of articles in Russian in Livejournal.

What are the common hardware?

Cabinet hinges

The current hinges are basically detachable, divided into two parts, the base and the buckle, which are convenient for future replacement. That which is responsible for connecting the cabinet body and the door panel.

▲Cabinet Door Hinges

It is not enough to be a steel frame. A good hinge must have perfect flexibility. You can actually feel it when you open and close the cabinet door in the store.

The design of high-end hinges allows the opening and closing angle to exceed 180 degrees.

Drawer slides

There are many types, mainly including Side Drawer Slides (the common one is the 3 Folding Fully Unfolded Drawer Slides), Concealed Drawer Slides, and Horse-riding Drawer Slides. Choosing the right drawer slides can also improve the happiness of decoration.

The Side Drawer Slides, as the name suggests, is the rail installed on the side of the drawer. You can see the guide rail directly from the side.

The 3 Folding Fully Unfolded Drawer Slide fully expand the drawer slide to pull out all of the drawer, making it more convenient for you to get the items in the drawer.

▲3 Folding Fully Unfolded Drawer Slide

Bottom drawer slides, also called invisible rails, the guide rails are not visible on the outside, they are more beautiful, and their load-bearing capacity is stronger than that of the side drawer slides. It is one of the most popular drawer slides used in high-end furniture nowadays.

vadania drawer slides

▲Bottom drawer slides

The structure of the horse-riding drawer slide is like a person riding a horse, but it is actually a bottom rail.

Frist of all, horse-riding drawer slide is smoother and more stable than side drawer slide and general bottom drawer slide.

What’s more, horse-riding drawer slide with better load-bearing capacity, and better mute effect and damping cushioning.

Besides, of course the price… is also incomparable with ordinary guide rails.

The pull basket of the cabinet

Blind croner pullout basket

Pots and pans, ovens, microwaves, various condiments, and the messy countertops make the otherwise small kitchen even more cramped. Blind croner pullout basket is a great way to improve happiness in decoration.

Pull basket can solve this problem perfectly. At the same time, corners will inevitably appear in cabinets with L-shaped and U-shaped layouts. In order not to waste corner space, it’s usally to installed a blind corner pullout basket.

▲Cabinet Blind Corner Pullout Basket

Seasoning Pull Basket

The details to improve happiness in the decoration are nothing more than placing items neatly and making good use of space. The seasoning basket runs through the entire base cabinet from top to bottom. Most of the seasoning baskets are made narrow. As a result, the seasoning pull basket can make good use of the corner space, sothat it can make your space look neat and orderly.

In others, we can use the seasoning basket to store various seasoning in a grid,which is convenient and tidy.

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