The Micro Life in Action of Vadania

• The micro-life movement continues to develop, which is characterized by reasonable price and efficient design suitable for different and adaptable lifestyles

• Vadania solutions are used in various micro-living buildings, such as micro-houses, rental campers, refurbished buses and overland trucks.

The practice of micro-living-a continuous movement of miniaturization, economical and efficient living-is becoming bigger and bigger. Today, we want to highlight the many ways in which the Vadnaia solution makes downsizing possible. At home and on the go, get inspiration from these miniature life examples of Vadnaia.

Tiny Homes and Apartments

No matter how big your living space is, Vadania has a building solution for you.

For example, you can also consider our Push to Open Drawer Slides VF1245. As an alternative to lighter loads, when you are inconvenient to open the drawer, you can choose to open the drawer by pressing with your elbow to free your busy hands.


In order to make the most of the space of these compact trucks, many vehicles provide innovative storage solutions and hidden pull-out furniture, including sleepers, pull-out kitchens and rear storage spaces. For these pull-outs, Ultra Heavy Duty Drawer Slides with Lock VD2576, provides easy movement and has a key locking function to keep drawers and trays closed or open.

Customization and quality are at the core of Vadania’s work. This is why more and more companies use Ultra Heavy Duty Drawer Slides with Lock VD2576.

Overland Vehicles

Vadania solutions are not only used in homes and on the road, but also off roads for land vehicles. In fact, our drawer slides have changed outdoor life with its versatility and reliability in powerful projects.

If you have his rear cargo system, it takes full advantage of the increased load capacity of our VA2576 heavy-duty full-extended drawer slide rail and bumper with shock-absorbing ball bearing space.

Whether you are building a small house of your dreams or taking a journey to see the world, Vadania can provide the perfect space-saving solution for your project. At Vadania, we are always moving forward because we know you are also moving forward. Where will Microlife take you?


The micro-life movement goes beyond fixed houses. On the road, you can see Vadania’s micro life in trailers of various shapes and sizes. The trailer provides a stylish living space, equipped with a two-person bed, wide windows to see the expansive scenery, and an indoor/outdoor kitchen to maximize efficiency. Vadania designed VD2576, which can support up to 485 pounds of weight. And very suitable for adding heavy pull-out pantry.

With Vadania drawer slides, you never have to sacrifice storage space for compact houses on the go.

Have you designed an extraordinary small living space? We want to see! Show us your ingenious houses and refurbished vans, trucks and buses. Tag us on Instagram or use #Vadania for a chance to stand out among our inspiring builders and DIYers. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to learn about the latest possibilities of microlife.

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