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What we are?

Vadania is a global hardware trading company and have been doing business with our worldwide friend more than 10 years. We have mature production line and R&D technology of hardware fitting and drawer slides.

Vadania mainly targets Europe, America, Japan, Russia and other consumer markets. Now wo are looking for more global retailers.  We will offer the best price and service on “Safer & Stronger Hardware”.

We have a mature production line and R&D technology. The company mainly focuses on residential drawer slides, industrial drawer slides, kitchen & household hardware and fittings, woodworking tools and vanlife accessory. VADANIA mainly targets Europe, America, Japan, Russia and other consumer markets. The brand was founded in 2015, and since then it has upheld the philosophy that “Safer and stronger hardware for better life”. Its business covers all over the world.

Global Retailer Cooperation

Business Overview

VADANIA now ships to more than 220 countries and regions around the world. We have our own warehouse, mainly in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and sales for about 10 years.

Business Project

We are willing to find more retailers in the world, and we will provide business partners with the most favorable prices and services.

Experienced in Hardware Production

Production Experience

We have more than 10 years of rich experiencen in the production of hardware and drawer slides. Besides, we have a mature production line and can produce more than 1,000 paris of drawer slides every day.

Purpose of the Product

Our hardware and drawer slides are 100% manufactured by ourselves. Therefore, we can provide customers withhigh-quality hardware products and drawer slides at a competitive price.

Safer & Stronger Hardware

Quality Inspection

All hardware and drawer slides will be inspected regularly, and nearly 100,000 pressure and strength tests will be performed on the drawer guides to ensure the quality and durability of each batch of products.

Warranty Period

Vadania has confidence in product quality promises an 18-month warranty period.

What is our target?

We are looking forward to the bulk purchasing business with our customers all over the world. We will offer the best price and service for your retailer project or production plan. we need to be recalculated according to the purchase quantity and delivery location. In short, we can help you achieve better enterprise value.

How should you do?

Select product

Frirstly, determine the model you need, including the model or product link.

Contact us

Then, send the Email to us to inform of your needs, and the following things. You can refer to the template to send an Email tous

  • Your address and phone number.
  • The shipping date you need.
  • Other questions for the detail of the product.


According to your needs, we will give you the quotation within 1 working day. After the quotation has no objection, the order will be produced.

Pay order

Pay through supported payment system.

Delivery service & Warranty

Provies 7-day air transportation/30~40-day sea tWe can offer provides 7-day air transportation or 30-40 day sea transportation services for all regions in the world. We will provide the fastest and safest transportation service according to your requirements, and carry out loss compensation insurance for each shipment.

Final statement, Vadania have confidence in quality and promise an 18-month warranty period. We will refund or exchange products with quality problems unconditionally to ensure that customers get the “safer & stronger” hardware products in their projects.

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