Introduction the classification of drawer slides

If a piece of furniture has one or more drawers, it will have at least one slide. A drawer slide is a component that allows a drawer to move into and out of the furniture. When you pull open a drawer, it will glide along these slides. While all drawer slides use this method of operation, however, they are available in several different types. Click to BLOGLOVIN’ to learn more about the introduction of the drawer slides.

1.What are the common drawer sliders classification?

Bottom mount drawer slides

The concealed slides are generally also called bottom-supported slides. The feature is that the slide rail is hidden at the bottom of the drawer and cannot be seen from the front.

Certainly, it is one of the first choices for drawer slides used in high-end furniture nowadays.

▲Bottom mount drawer slides

Ball-bearing drawer slides

Ball-bearing drawer slides are generally called ball slides, ball slides, steel ball guides, etc. Large capacity, stability and durability is the best-selling drawer slides on the market. The installation is relatively simple and saves space.

Ball-bearing drawer slides make use of ball bearings instead of rollers to allow for the telescopic motion. They consists of 3 components; the cabinet member, intermediate member, and the drawer member.

▲Ball-Bearing drawer slides

You can also find heavy duty versions of ball-bearing slides that are design for harsher and heavier applications.

If you are unsure whether you need heavy duty drawer slides, you can check out this blog in this website on the key difference between heavy duty and residential drawer slides.

vadania drawer slides

▲Heavy duty slides

2.What are the rare drawer slides classification?

Horse-riding drawer slides

Horse-riding pumps are generally also called luxury damping pumps, because the structure of the bottom of the drawer and the rail connection is like a person riding a horse, so the name is called horse-riding pumps.

On the one hand, commonly used are glass horse riding pumps and versatile horse riding pumps, which are mostly used in high-end furniture.

On the other hand, they have very little noise and are easy to install and disassemble.

Last but no least, it’s environmentally friendly and durable.

For this reason, in the future, it’s the first choice for mainstream slide rails.

▲Horse-riding drawer slides

Roller drawer slides

The structure of the roller slide is relatively simple.

Generally speaking, it consists of one pulley and 2 rails. It can cope with the daily push and pull needs, but it has poor bearing capacity and does not have buffer and rebound functions.

When fully extended, 2 rollers will meet. This two-roller design gives the mechanism horizontal stability and allows for level extension.

▲Roller drawer slide

Because of its light weight, its common application place is the computer keyboard drawer.

At present, roller drawer slides consists of 2 components, the cabinet member and the drawer member. Each of them having their own roller, usually made of plastic.

Wear-resistant nylon drawer slides

The most wear-resistant. Nylon slide rails can ensure that the cabinet drawer is smooth and quiet when pulled out, and the rebound is soft. Fully nylon is relatively rare in the market, and there are many slide rails with partial nylon.

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