Novice Guide to Buying Drawer Slides

Just like a fish in the water, as far as the drawer is concerned, the drawer slide is his water, and he is the fish inside. As the key to the drawers, drawer slides contain a lot of knowledge, which has caused many misunderstandings. Here are the novice guide to buying drawer slides.

1. The more balls, the smoother the drawer slides?

Usually, the drawer slides we use are 3-Fold Completely Full Extension Slides. Some consumers believe that in order to make drawer slides smoother, they have begun to pursue drawer slides of 5, 6 or more.

This also makes the relationship between the slide rail and the ball very confusing.

However, the number of balls in the operation of the drawer slide only accounts for a small part.

To make the drawer slide smoother, 2 conditions must be met:

On one hand, the fullness of the solid ball, and whether the shape is round and smooth. Many balls on the market are elliptical, and such slide rails may become stuck and difficult to pull out after a short period of operation.

On the other hand, the uniformity of the thickness of the material. Like a road, only flat roads can be walked up without bumps.

  ▲ 3-Fold Completely Full Extension Slides

2.Even if you feel the drawer slide by hand, it is smooth and no noise

It is incorrect to say that the noise is tested by hand. The home of the drawer slide is the drawer, and the performance can only be detected when it is installed where it should go.

Some unfavorable manufacturers use the unprofessionalism of the purchasers to increase the dosage of lubricant and realize noiseless sliding of the slide.

Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides

If you want to renovate your home recently or want to change drawer slide rails recently, you should pay attention to it.

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of the business. It is best to compare the three companies and find some information on the Internet before making a decision.

After all, a good selection of drawer slides will not only accompany you for a year or two.

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