4 things you need to know about hinges

There is a wide array of hinges out there from which to choose. Know the differences in these hinge features and you’ll pick the ones perfect for your cabinets. The follwing 4 things you need to know about hinges.

Hinge, also known as hinge, is a mechanical device that connects two entities and allows relative rotation between them. The hinge may be composed of a movable component, or may be composed of a foldable material.

According to the classification of materials, there are mainly stainless steel hinges and iron hinges. In order to let people get better enjoyment, hydraulic hinges (also called damping hinges) appeared.

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As the name suggests, there are more opportunities for heavy-duty institutions in commercial and institutional environments, rather than residential buildings.

If your cabinet doors are hefty because of their material or size, heavy duty hidden hinges could be a good option for you. They can be up to one-fourth of an inch thick.


It will have a decorative surface, which will be displayed on the outside of the cabinet door. The second purpose is to be more decorative rather than functional.

Decorative hinge options can often complement other design elements in kitchens and cabinets and add interesting details to your cabinets.


Hidden hinges are only the inside of the cabinet door and frame, so that the exterior of the cabinet will not affect the appearance due to unsightly hinges. The cabinet doors appear to float on the face of a cabinet frame, giving your cabinets a clean and smooth look.

Way to close

Soft close cabinet door hinges are built using hydraulics that create a vacuum to close the door. The purpose of soft close hinges is to eliminate noise when a closing a cabinet door.

Hydraulic soft close feature designed for any cabinet doors close slowly as you push a door closed with a soft close hinge, t without slamming shut.


For detachable hinges, you can remove the cabinet doors connected to them so that you can clean or repair them when needed.

These types of hinges are especially useful because they make it so easy to take off cabinet doors without removing any of the hardware.

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