VADANIA – Safer & Stronger Hardware for Your Better Life!

VADANIA is a global hardware trading company. We have a mature production line and R&D technology. The company mainly focuses on residential drawer slides, industrial drawer slides, kitchen & household hardware and fittings, woodworking tools and vanlife accessory. VADANIA mainly targets Europe, America, Japan, Russia and other consumer markets. The brand was founded in 2015, and since then it has upheld the philosophy that “Safer and stronger hardware for better life”. Its business covers all over the world.

Our Mission

We are committed to manufacturing safer and more durable hardware accessories. VADANIA adheres to the concept that ” Safer and stronger hardware for better life “. We hope to provide high-quality hardware fittings for your furniture, family life, working environment and your works, so that your life will be safer and your customers will get safer and more satisfactory products.

Where You Can Find Us

VADANIA now ships to over 220 countries and regions worldwide. With websites supporting the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, VADANIA ships from local warehouses in the above mentioned areas. And we also ship from our biggest warehouse in China warehouse to all over the world for the business bulk order. VADANIA continues to thrive due in part to the company’s values in controlling the excellence of in-house production. VADANIA aims to provide the safer & stronger hardware while also being dedicated to quality, value and service.


Our history of producing hardware is longer than the time when our brand was founded. We have more than 10 years of rich experience in producing hardware and drawer slides. With a mature production line, we can produce over 1000 pairs of guide rails per day. Our goods are wholesaled all over the world, and we have long-term global partners because of the high quality of our products. We have enough productivity to customize specific hardware models and guide rail models for each dealer.

Quality Assurance

Our hardware products and drawer slides are of high quality and durability. VADANIA have confidence in quality and promise an 18-month warranty period. We will refund or exchange products with quality problems unconditionally to ensure that customers get the “safer & stronger” hardware products in their projects.

Logistics and Transportation

We have sub-warehouses in America, Britain, Europe and Japan, which can deliver goods in 3-7 days. Our main warehouse is located in China, and provides 7-day air transportation or 30-40-day sea transportation services for all regions in the world. We will provide the fastest and safest transportation service according to your requirements, and carry out loss compensation insurance for each shipment.

Customer Service

We believe that our hardware and drawer slides can make your project being safer and high quality, so that our global customers enjoy a satisfy purchasing with VADANIA in a long term. We have customer service representatives in many different countries that speak English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, etc. We provide 24-7 customer service to resolve all the question you may have. Please feel free to contact us. Email: info@vadania.com